Important Update!

DP 2017

The Pat Malloy Band will appear at Dance Party 2017 on Friday, September 22, at Villa Milano in Columbus.

One show only in 2017! Complete info at

The Party's Over

After a lot of soul searching we've decide to dissolve the band.  We had a good run, didn't we?  We're especially proud of the Dance Party events, which brought thousands together for music, dancing and friendship.  Unfortunately, time and events have got the better of us, and it's time to go.

Who knew that at this stage in our lives we'd put together a successful rock band and have a blast doing it?  This past five years of making music is something none of us expected, and we're grateful for every moment.

We'll miss each other, we'll miss playing live, and most of all we'll miss seeing and playing for you.  Thank you for coming to hear us.  Thank you for encouraging us.  And thank you for enjoying our music.   We received more than we gave in the bargain, and we'll always be grateful.

We've left some of our live videos for you on the Videos and Recordings tab.  Most are from the annual Dance Party shows. We hope you enjoy them.

March 2, 2014

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